Unfold the innovation from within your organization

A succesful practice of identifying through employee innovation program the future leaders.

Internal Innovation | 7 Days | 10+ Intrapreneurs

An organization's ability to go back to its root in the need for scouting innovation through the means of internal innovation and intrapreneurship talks much about the prevailing culture. It's not just about producing innovative ideas but also successfully implementing them to curb out exiting problems.

This allows boosting the morale of employees by exposing them to entrepreneurial opportunities within the organization resulting in successful implementation for problem-solving and valuing their worth for sticking with the organization.

Internal Innovation
Team Building initiative acting as a Boost

Imagine once an ordinary employee and now heading a business unit? Ability to innovate gives a quick boost! This also inspires other employees in the organization to share their ideas and get associated with the company.

Internal Innovation
Lower Attrition Rate amongst employees

Value the worth and utlizae the same to boost business and earn people.. Employees get heard and ideas get valued, innovation takes place and intrapreneurship brings the sense of belonging to lower the attrition rate.

Internal Innovation
Branding & PR resulting in better hiring.

People centric organization are always valued higher and talked about in public. Make your organization the one that everyone wants to join. Attracting better talent always results in over all boost for the business.

Spotlight on features of DevX Collab Tech

Plethora of features with our in-house technology to simplify your presence and enhance the experience at our amazing workspaces.

Quick Turnaround Time

Go live in 48 hours, its that fast to host your innovation challenge. A backend to manage your hackathon with personalized branding.​

White Label Offering

We offer white label option to clients where-in you can use it with the product in your name with end to end support from DevX.

Innovation Management

All your eggs in one nest. Whatever you need is a click away. Plug & play with your innovation bucket.

University Association

We help you target the right set of university association. The penetration will help you build better relationships.

Developer Community

Leverage on DevX ’penetration and branding benefit to solve your complex issues. Benefit from our existing and ever-growing network of innovation.

Industry Connects

We help you find right mentors and domain experts to meet your goals. You can also select from the existing list.

Analytics & Integration

Manage all your needs from a single dashboard. Connect it to your existing website or create a new one specifically for hackathon. Manage your branding needs, all from one single place.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Benefit from our existing network of partners which is crucial to the success of any hackathon. All-around support from our ecosystem connects.

Idenitfying & rewarding employees for Internal Innovation

We help you in setting up Intrapreneurship base on how to encourage employees to innovate from within the organization.