Hire for higher skills with online hiring challenges

Innovate the way you hire the ones you expect innovation from in the long run.

Hiring Challenge | 7 Days | 50+ Applications

Hiring the right talent that can shape the way an organization grows has always been a challenge. More so in the current time for technical recruitments since technology is the key. The more hands-on approach into hiring skill set based talent than a degree oriented hiring.

The one's looking for technical recruitment, the cost in organizing is less than what is paid to external agencies to hire a talent which might or might not turn out to be a good option. Hire the right talent from the available pool for their skill sets matching the needs and not just the degree.

Hiring Challenge
A way forward with technical hiring

Hire the minds who know how to do it than the ones who have bookish knowledge on doing things. Smart hiring opens the doors for innovation. Also, the quality of employees contribute to the future of organization.

Hiring Challenge
Cost effective way of hiring talent

Hiring a talent externally can cost anywhere between 6 to 10% depending upon the profile which can be a costlier affair. Organizing a hiring challenge can attract good talent from across the corners at lower spends.

Hiring Challenge
Branding has its own reach

Organizing a challenge will need a push through online channels using social media marketing. While offline will rely more on efforts from roadshow and seminars; all in all it will bring significant branding benefits to the organization.

Hiring Challenge
Community & Network Penetration

Hiring challenge gives a peentration into educational campus scouting better talent. Such students are activel part of developer communities and the larger ecosystem giving a better reach..

Spotlight on features of DevX Collab Tech

Plethora of features with our in-house technology to simplify your presence and enhance the experience at our amazing workspaces.

Quick Turnaround Time

Go live in 48 hours, its that fast to host your innovation challenge. A backend to manage your hackathon with personalized branding.​

White Label Offering

We offer white label option to clients where-in you can use it with the product in your name with end to end support from DevX.

Innovation Management

All your eggs in one nest. Whatever you need is a click away. Plug & play with your innovation bucket.

University Association

We help you target the right set of university association. The penetration will help you build better relationships.

Developer Community

Leverage on DevX ’penetration and branding benefit to solve your complex issues. Benefit from our existing and ever-growing network of innovation.

Industry Connects

We help you find right mentors and domain experts to meet your goals. You can also select from the existing list.

Analytics & Integration

Manage all your needs from a single dashboard. Connect it to your existing website or create a new one specifically for hackathon. Manage your branding needs, all from one single place.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Benefit from our existing network of partners which is crucial to the success of any hackathon. All-around support from our ecosystem connects.

We help you on how to run coding challenges for hiring

Starting hiring with coding challeneges for technical recruitment that acts as a step upwards to innovation.