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Business Lounge at Devx Coworking Space in Ahmedabad
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The city that brings dream to

Mumbai as rightly called "The City of Dreams" with its presence of all the business giants and conglomerates. The presence of Dalal Street makes it the financial capital too. Not only you can witness the presence of global brands and businesses in Mumbai but also the way it has accommodated expanding horizontally and vertically. A house to the premiere tech and management institutions in the country. Trains are the lifeline of Mumbai, a city that never sleeps!

Our coworking space in Mumbai is spread across 23,000 sq.ft. area housing best in class office amenities and support required to swiftly manage the day to day business operations. Our collaborative workspaces not only offers a solution to growth-led and innovative businesses but also has the presence of a fitness center to stay upbeat with the best fitness routine.

Coworking and Shared office Space in the cith of dreams, Mumbai

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Here is what our clients have to say...

Real Estate Pundits
Real Estate Pundits

"I can focus on my work and the rest is taken care of extremely professionally. I don't have to worry about paying my electricity bill, internet bill, property taxes, housekeeping, etc. the biggest brownie point is that I get to work in such a vibrant and beautiful space. And of course, the biggest reward is the great network I have built here. DevX community has helped me grow my professional network. Knowing about new start-up ventures, businesses and connecting with other individuals whom I wouldn't have met otherwise gradually has helped me turn these introductions into a long-lasting relationship.”

Finex Accounting

"Working at DevX has been amazing, we grew from 2 to team of 6 people now just in 1 year. Moreover, we are a rapidly growing firm, but I never need to worry about accommodating new employees because of the flexibility, world-class infrastructure and facilities provided by DevX.”

Finex Accounting


Options for Coworking in Andheri Mumbai

Open areas that boost the productivity for those who love to work with freedom and yet spend their leisure time getting along with the community.

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Dedicated workspaces for those professionals working on long-term projects and want a seat specifically reserved for them.

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Customized workspaces for mid-size teams with the most modern interiors imbibing vibrancy and productivity.

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A separately allocated space vibrantly customized to suit the business need of individuals & professionals.

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Leeway of conducting meetings 24*7 with a click. Make the most of the meeting room options available.

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Fully equipped conference room. Not just an amenity, it meets all the business growth needs.

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Fully equipped with modern facilities like AV system, LED Projection, Modern furniture etc. Host events, community meetups and much more.

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Comprehensive training room with all the required facilities to conduct training, remote webinars and other such activities.

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Not just the basics, a plethora of amenities made available at our coworking space in Andheri Mumbai!




Fibre internet
and WiFi


Meeting Rooms


Tea & Coffee




Lounge and


Networking Events


Photocopy &






Daycare & Fitness


24*7 Security

Coworking Space in Andheri, the heart of Mumbai

Kanakia Dynasty Business park hosts our coworking space in Andheri East that boosts of an impressive structural construction clubbed with efficient architectural planning. The building meets the requirement of corporates and is an ideal choice due to its strategic location.

Connectivity has been the key to business development in Mumbai due to long travel hours to commute. The presence of J.B Nagar metro station in Andheri East is at a walking distance of 2 minutes. All the required necessities like hospitals, school, bus station, railway station etc. are in the close by vicinity. Our shared office space in Mumbai is near Andheri-Kurla road nearby makes sure the travel time is reduced.

Address: Metro Station, A Wing, 7th Floor, 701-713, Dynasty Business Park, Nr, Andheri - Kurla Rd, J B Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065
Events for Everyone

To keep the community pumped up, DevX organizes events regularly. This community-driven approach is what separates us from other coworking players in India. We understand how important it is to build the community for everyone’s growth and learning.

Stay upbeat with the most updated happenings in the DevX community. Be part of the most vibrant community of individuals!

New Year Celebration 2021

Event Location Teal Clock House The FirstCommunity Engagement - Free Event

140 People Attendees

December 31, 202106:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Happening atDevX

Festoon the Tree

Event Location Teal Clock House The FirstCommunity Engagement - Free Event

40 People Attendees

December 24, 202105:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Happening atDevX

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coworking Spaces in Andheri Mumbai

How coworking in Mumbai is evolving?

Coworking is rapidly changing in Mumbai in recent years, from local companies to globally recognized brands shifting towards such hassle-free and comfortable options. It has changed the whole networking game and made it more accessible to not just freelancers but corporate organizations too. With the fast-paced and competitive lives, especially in Mumbai, demand for such flexible, affordable and hassle-free work spaces is increasing to increase efficiency, growth and cease monotony. Coworking is also emerging as a critical real estate strategy now. Statistically, 65.3% of newly opened coworking spaces are started by new businesses. India is the second-largest market for the coworking industry, after China.

Why choose coworking spaces in Mumbai?

Mumbai being the ‘city of dreams’ has a coworking setup that is a mix of Indian and global trends. With the growing requirements for modern architecture and technology, the shared office spaces in Mumbai are appropriate for startups, freelancers and small business owners. Since Mumbai is one of the leading corporate markets in India, choosing to work in a coworking environment will bring innovation and productivity easily, which is a struggle for many corporate organizations. Also, having a fresh and young vibe across employees can brew new ideas and creativity. Coworking spaces in Mumbai are becoming very popular. From local companies, freelancers and consultants to globally recognized brands, more & more people are opting for coworking options to increase productivity and scale up their businesses. There are many factors to consider before choosing a coworking space- like location, type of work, cost, amenities, environment, etc. so choose what is comfortable to you.

What are the benefits of DevX’s Coworking space in Andheri?

The DevX Andheri coworking space is progressive and offers you all the amenities necessary for businesses, freelancers and budding startups, like- Reception, Fiber internet and WiFi, Meeting Rooms, Tea & Coffee, Boardrooms, Lounge and Games, Networking Events, Photocopy and Printing, etc. In the heart of the city, the Kanakia Dynasty Business Park hosts our DevX Andheri coworking space. DevX offers different coworking space options such as dedicated desks, private cabin, manager cabin, meeting rooms, conference rooms, event rooms, training rooms and flexi desks. Our shared workspace in Andheri has necessary requirements like hospitals, school, bus stations, etc. all in close vicinity, along with a metro station. With modern architectural design and impressive amenities, the Andheri workspace by DevX is a comfortable choice for corporates.

How shared office spaces in Mumbai are better than traditional office spaces?

Shared office spaces provide a holistic and seamless working environment for corporates and freelancers. More companies are now opting for them because they're more agile and flexible as compared to a conventional office. Also, being among people from different walks of life, it increases networking and collaboration. It also increases the chances of meeting like-minded people, leading to new opportunities, making shared office spaces a powerhouse of ideas. Coworking spaces also organize events and seminars that help you learn new skills and give opportunities to widen your horizon. Working in a traditional office space means that you're restricted to a cubicle where you need to take care of every requirement like internet connection, furniture, an office manager which isn't the case when it comes to shared workspaces, you're provided with comfortable, vibrant furniture with different types of desk set-ups and many amenities from WiFi to free coffee. Coworking has now become a part of a lot of companies' strategies to grow their businesses. It’s also a great way to bring some structure to a freelancer’s day which leads to an exponential increase in productivity.

Why prefer Coworking Space in Andheri East as compared to Andheri West?

Andheri has come a long way in development. It one of the largest neighborhoods in Mumbai, split into 2 parts East and West. While it was only a residential and retail hub, it has emerged as a commercial hub in the recent years. Having said that more and more people have been asking about if Andheri East or Andheri West is the ideal place for a coworking office space. Andheri east as compared to Andheri west is more affluent and houses a large number of retails stores, better restaurant, cafes, etc. increasing the need for more large office spaces. If you ask, Andheri east hosts a good number of retail and residential affluence that makes it a very lucrative area for leasing a coworking office space. It will give greater access to resources than Andheri west. With great establishments in the neighborhood, a Coworking space in Andheri east is a viable option that gives access to more clients and potential business. A grade building, greater access, endless networking opportunities with technically sound office spaces.

How does DevX Coworking Space in Andheri stand out from other coworking spaces?

Andheri is well populated neighborhood in Mumbai with greater access to services and clients. It houses all major corporates, with an ever-increasing need from people for office spaces. That’s why our DevX coworking space in Andheri stands out from other coworking spaces out there. DevX in Mumbai is located in Kanakia business park, Andheri east which is vibrant, aesthetically designed and tech enabled to provide an agile coworking space, less than 2 mins walk from the J.B metro station. The building that houses DevX is architecturally planned with structural designs that only adds to the whole ambience. We’re open 24*7 for all our clients and can also be rented out on a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis according to your requirements. Spread across 23,000 sq.ft. It houses best in class amenities and a dedicated support team for seamless operations. Apart from that you get access to shared amenities like cafeteria, conference and board rooms, 24*7 security, day care, gym and also a startup accelerator for all budding startups.