Premium Coworking Space in Hyderabad and Shared Office Spaces

Our Coworking Space in Hyderabad instills growth and
sparks productivity. DevX Coworking spaces are host
to the finest amenities needed for hassle
free work environments.

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Explore DevX Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad

DevX Coworking Space in Hyderabad Hitech City is designed to cater to all team sizes ranging from 20 - 1000 employees. Our ergonomic workspaces are custom-tailored to your organizations' requirements, making it easy for you to move into your brand-new workspace.

DevX Coworking Space in Hyderabad
DevX Shared Office Space in Hyderbad
DevX Shared Offices for Rent in Hyderabad
Premium Lounge at Coworking Space in Hyderabad by DevX

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Not just the basics, a plethora of amenities
made available
at DevX Coworking Space in Hyderabad!




High Speed
Wi-Fi Internet


Meeting Rooms


Free Tea and coffee




Lounge and


Networking Events


Free Printing &






Day care & Fitness


24*7 Security

Managed Office Business relationship beyond space delivery

Serviced Office

100% customized offices to exhibit your organization's values


Ergonomic furnishings

Fully managed utilities (housekeeping, hospitality, etc.)

Dedicated Operations Managers

Ready-to-move in 45 days

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Private Office

Ready-to-move fully furnished office spaces for growing teams


Premium Furnished Offices

24 by 7 Managed office

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Cafeteria and Wellness Center

Secured Network with Firewall

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Coworking Desks

Flexi and Dedicated desks for instant plug-and-work requirements


Secure Internet Connectivity

24 by 7 Accessible

Access to Networking Events

Game Room and Premium Lounge

Tea, Coffee and Cafeteria

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Experience our workspaces at its finest, we have all the amenities required for the most ecstatic work experience across all our centers.
Be it business lounges, meeting rooms, cafeterias, or premium concierge or even board rooms we have it all...

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Here is what our clients have to say...

Real Estate Pundits
Real Estate Pundits

"I can focus on my work and the rest is taken care of extremely professionally. I don't have to worry about paying my electricity bill, internet bill, property taxes, housekeeping, etc. the biggest brownie point is that I get to work in such a vibrant and beautiful space. And of course, the biggest reward is the great network I have built here. DevX community has helped me grow my professional network. Knowing about new start-up ventures, businesses and connecting with other individuals whom I wouldn't have met otherwise gradually has helped me turn these introductions into a long-lasting relationship.”

Finex Accounting

"Working at DevX has been amazing, we grew from 2 to team of 6 people now just in 1 year. Moreover, we are a rapidly growing firm, but I never need to worry about accommodating new employees because of the flexibility, world-class infrastructure and facilities provided by DevX.”

Finex Accounting

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  • Hospital 2km
  • Bank 2.5km
  • Bus 1.5km
  • Shopping Mall 2.5km
  • Airport 16km
  • Hotel 1.5km
  • Railway Station 8.5km
  • Fire Brigade 2.6km

Making Aesthetic spaces for productive and pleasing work experiences is what we expertise in. Our Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad go beyond the conventional norms to provide you a Workspace that inspires.

Why choose coworking space in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad isn’t just a city, it is an amalgamation of cultures and vibes that gives it a unique identity. No doubt, it has become an interesting blend of culture and trade in recent times but its old school charm keeps the city alive and keeps it from becoming just another concrete jungle. The City of Nizams thrives on its commerce, tradition, food, and the larger sense of community and this ultimately makes it the best place to host new ideas, work ethics, and businesses.In accommodating the freelancers and businesses of small and medium-size, the coworking spaces of Hyderabad are doing an amazing job. At DevX coworking space in Hyderabad, we provide all necessary shared office space solutions and a thriving, collaborative culture to professionals teams, individuals and agencies.

What are the benefits of choosing a shared office space in Hyderabad?

Businesses and path-breaking ideas are best carried out under a certain commercial climate. This climate is basically the demographics and overall culture of a place. Hyderabad is one of those cities in India, that facilitates technology and business in the best ways. Choosing a shared office space in Hyderabad is going to be exponentially beneficial for SMBs, SMEs and Growing Teams.

How are coworking spaces in Hyderabad better than traditional office spaces?

A coworking space in Hyderabad is going to be different than one in any other city. It is because of the heightened sense of community and belonging that emanates from DevX. Better productivity, robust networking, boutique office solutions integrated with smart tech, collaborative business communities, etc are all a notch higher in the shared office spaces, which is not present in regular offices. Coworking office spaces have several benefits over traditional office spaces. The lease flexibility, managed services and the ease of scalability are some key areas where Shared Office Spaces dominate over traditional office spaces.

Why choose DevX's shared office spaces in Hyderabad?

What sets apart DevX from others is the underlying philosophy of accelerating innovation & going beyond the aesthetic and functional workspaces. DevX’s Shared Office Spaces in Hyderabad provide everything expected out of a work space and much more. A huge range of luxurious amenities, custom tailored offices according to your requirements, regular events, allied business services (payroll management, talent acquisition, and much more), tech-enabled services alongside innovation support, collaborative communities, branding assistance, and next-level incubation to build sustainable businesses are some of the standout offerings that DevX provides. SMEs, SMBs, and Startups witness accelerated growth in their business upon choosing DevX’s workspaces.