Diversified investment
in coworking space
accross India

Expand your horizon to newer opportunities for an exceptionally assorted real estate portfolio for stable returns when you invest in coworking space in India

DevX- Investment in co-working space
Transperancy & Trustworthiness is what defines us

Investing in commercial office space not only keeps your real estate portfolio diversified but also help you earn a higher rental income and tremendous capital appreciation. We invite landlords, developers and real estate investors to join hands and be our partner in the journey of providing vibrant and illustrious co-working space across India which according to JLL is has a market size of USD 2.2 Billion and is expected to grow annually at 35%. The alliance will open the doors of opportunity to invest in a booming co-working space in India by bringing the market gamut of options and support through multi-city operations and become a part of our growth journey. We are open to partnering with your if you have an office space is more than 15,000 Sq. Ft. Carpet area.

Business Model

We offer our real estate partners options to collaborate with us in different capacities. We encourage modern methods of doing business that not only diversifies your portfolio but also stands you an opportunity to get higher returns.

Business Model
Revenue share model

With our revenue share model, we offer landlords a share from our revenue. With this model, the landlord gets to earn a higher share for a higher occupancy level. In our experience, a landlord earns 18% higher returns.

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Business Model
Management Contract

The model here is identical to the FOCO model I.e. Franchise Owned Company Operated Model where in the landlord holds the ownership of the space DevX is provided a fixed monthly management fees to smoothly run the operations.

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Grow with DevX for an exceptionally assorted real estate portfolio

Discover what makes investing into co-working with DevX an attractive proposition and why should DevX be your preferred real-estate investment spiner!

Higher Capital Apreciation

The buildings in which DevX have opened their centers have experience increase in the value of rent alongside property valuation by approximately 30%. We not only add value to space we occupy but also to the ones around us.

Higher Rental Yields

The opportunity lies with the landlords to clock higher revenue in comparison to traditional leasing deal. Higher occupancy will ensure higher rental income for you.

Vibrant Workspaces Sell Quick

Our aesthetically vibrant co-working spaces sell like hotcakes with a quick turnaround time of the occupancy. A longer tenancy period ensures a better Return on Investment and utmost safety.

PAN India Presence

We are growing exponentially to different parts of the country by consolidating revenues of each center. This will give DevX an edge over its competitors in rough times. The clients can sign space mandates and occupy seats where DevX is present in the cities they wish to expand.

Partner with US

Here’s the first step to our long-term partnership. Connect over a quick call for a futuristics discussion.