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Capitalizing on support received by innovators from tech startup incubators to identify the best technology solutions for life-transforming innovation for their sustainable growth

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To transform lives, it is crucial to identify the best technologies which can be leveraged to simplify the most necessities. Our primary interest lies in supporting Innovators solving problems for Organizations i.e. B2B. We truly believe that future lies into automation which is why we are heavily betting on innovations backed by any of the two; Artificial Intelligence (AI)and Internet of Things (IoT). Our interest lies in shaping AI & IoT startups from Incubators and otherwise since they leveraged several benefits. Here are 8 domains which we will focus on:



In the post COVID scenario, healthcare will hold paramount importance. Much will rely on IoT and Artificial Intelligence to detect early signs of health ailment and the menace to curb the spread right at the beginning. Technological advancement will also see a shift happening wherein reliance will be on effectively eliminating chronic disorder by early detection. Startup from healthcare incubators in India are ideal match for our cohort programs.



With the advent of demonetisation and focus on adopting digital means to manage finances, increasing the need for managing it through mobile has gained significant importance. B2B space still unexplored to a greater extent, it leaves much room for innovation to happen right from financial services to payment gateway digitizing the entire BFSI domain.


Manufacturing 4.0

The new-age technology is about advancement into industrial revolution clubbed with digitization. These technologies are about innovation in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT etc. making it connective link to other focus areas in the kitty. Agri-tech based startup wanting acceleration can connect. The advancement will not only aid in achieving economies of scale but also support in building quality products during the process. We prefer MVP-ready startups from IoT & AI startup incubators globally.


Cloud Computing

Organisations can eliminate their IT hardware requirement and high cost by using cloud infrastructures to store and access information from any location and scale business easily without the need for physical storage drives. With the shifting needs, it leaves much room for innovation to cater to the larger addressable markets in the form of corporates, SME's and government either through platform, software or any other innovative mode.


E-commerece Enablers

Future of retail/wholesale shopping will see a drastic change as digitization takes over. A blend of right technologies can disrupt this space by solving the complexities of lean logistics, customer retention and customer-targeted marketing. The post COVID scenarios talk much about the need to automate without human intervention.



Working on mobility solutions that could drive itself and cater to alarming environmental needs. In the early part 2021 the need for autonomous vehicles alongside support to supply chain management will gain tractions. Not only it is effective environmentally but also provides much-needed boost to the retail industry. Energy startup incubators with ready MVP can turn out to be the right match.



The advancement in technology for real estate will change the way traditional players used to operate. With the advent of AR-VR to boost sales, clubbed with IoT for smart homes & smart cities, alongside the shared homes. Mergering the existing capabilites with blockchain to curb frauds, the authenticity of construction, artificial intelligence changing the way client interaction takes place etc. will change the facet of the industry.



The tremendous shift of SME's into using technology has opened the arena for SaaS platforms. It helps to increase efficiency into providing bundled support for critical leadership decision making, ease of doing business, deployed artificial intelligence for increased business support and much more.

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We firmly believe that coming years will bring immense opportunities in our focus areas backed by Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things.