DCB Bank Innovation Carnival

Ideas make the world go round. DCB Bank with its initiative is aiming to revolutionize for BFSI domain through innovation scouting.

Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
Startup Accelerator in India
DCB Innovation Carnival

The year 2017 was the advent of Technological transformation in financial services. In 2019-202 there will be more collaboration between FinTech (financial service startups) & Banks. It will blur lines between traditional products (retail, payments & insurance in particular), and the acceleration of the convergence of technologies including improved Customer Experience, Conversational banking, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, Automation and Security. Banks will evolve more Mobility & Digital to provide an seamless Ecosystem to Customer.

Our Focused Areas

An initiative to promote the development of financial technology for DCB Bank and its customers with help of Fintech. We look forward for innovations in Lending, Risk management, Trading, Investing, Big-Data, Retail banking, Regulatory compliance, Mobile payments, Security and Enterprise social.

SME Banking

The banking needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are changing dramatically, and the banks’ responses need to evolve accordingly. Digital is at the heart of the next wave of SME banking services.

Open Banking

Open Banking APIs are valuable assets for financial services firms, as they enable them to enhance their service offerings, improve customer engagement, and build new digital revenue channels.

Retail Lending

India has lots of potential to work on Lending Models. This is a line of business for a bank. How can your solution help to produce a optimised framework to lend money?

Cyber Security

This is the need of time with the growing Transactions. So much penetration of applications and we can’t imagine how users are increased over mobile applications, Social Media, Payments etc. areas.


It can revolutionize the sector by providing information on customer support, better advertising for targeted customers and aid in better staffing needs.


Blockchain for FI/Payment industry that can lead to more accountability, less fraud, less dispute, faster settlement, smart assets, contracts, storing and verifying digital identity etc.


India has lots of potential to work on Lending Models. This is a line of business for a bank. How can your solution help to produce a optimised framework to lend money?

Voice Banking & Chatbots

It is time for organizations to integrate voice-first technologies and chatbosts into consumer acquisition, sales, service and digital customer experience strategies.

Innovative Payment

An intelligent Payment solution to facilitate and encourage going cashless and paying digitally for utility bill payments, transport, public facilities, shopping and entertainment.

Field Force Automation

Field force management is a mature discipline. One of the biggest challenges is building and maintaining a highly productive and efficient field force that provides high-quality customer experience

AR VR MR Banking

Create engaging and interactive renditions for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies. The suggested technological solutions will aid the industry to grow better.

Digital Branch

It offers offers basic services in the most simplified manner, with the help of electronic documentation, real-time data, and automated processes.

Big Data

The financial services industry has a vast reservoir of data on their customers, but is in the infancy stage of utilizing this data for financial or competitive gain.


Push the boundaries of innovation, reality and technology to create IoT based Payment concepts and solutions that can change the world for the better.

Social Media Banking

The Banking industry is aware of the power of social media, it gives the customers a voice and enables the banks to connect and reach out to far more customers than traditional channels

Fraud Risk Management

Existing tradiional methods has huge information silos that needs to be protected from fraudsters. Bank is looking for an advanced analytics/AI based solution to manage these fraud risks

Why Participate?
Program Duration

A four months acceleration program plus eight months support for 10 startups


A chance to get your startup funded by DCB Bank/ DevX on the demo day between INR 15-25 Lacs for equity of 8-12%.


Workspace at DevX Mumbai office along with free workspace for up to 4 member work team. After the acceleration period, seats at discount.


Active mentoring by the DCB Bank senior member team along with industry experts and advisors to refine your product and make it market-ready.


Selected startups can be a vendor to DCB and other ecosystem partners

IT Support

API, Sandbox and Cloud credits from our ecosystem partner AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM.

International Opportunity

Selected startups get a chance to present their product and pitch their idea internationally.

Other Support

Legal, Digital Marketing services at discounted rates for the startups within the acceleration period.

Program Duration

To be the part of DCB Bank Innovation carnival, a quick guide on how the process moves. Register yourself for the pitchathon and rest will follow.


DCB Bank Innovation carnival kicks off with a 10 city pitchathon program with cash rewards clubbed with various other activities like Masterclass, Innovation Exhibtion, Startup Talks, Top 25 awards and much more.


Winner from each pitchathon competes in the grand finale of which top three gets rewarded and 10 get selected for the accelerator program.

Accelerator Program

Get mentored by the leadership team of DCB Bank Ltd. and other selected mentors into building a market ready product. Free workspace for growing teams alongside other support. In the last week, prepare for the demo day by creating an excellent pitch.

Demo Day

Pitch in front of marquee invetors and DCB Bank to raise funds for your business. Grow your business with the funds raised.

Post Accelerator

Keep coming back to the alma mater for all your mentoring anf product development needs. Also, work as a vendor of get acquihired by our partners/corporates.

Startups whos ideas make the world go round

Inviting startup with breakthrough solutions for BFSI Industry. Not only you get a chance to work with DCB Bank but also stand a chance to raise funds from our investment partners.