DevX Contest
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Take a look at what our founders have to share about our
Re-branding overhaul.

The RUPpya trio Rushit, Umesh and Parth sharing their understanding for the need of re-branding DevX.

Here's a Sneak Peak to our Contest

We had received an amazing response for all the questions asked across 2 days on our various social media handles. Take a look!

#1 Name any 3 Products from DevX Suite!
#2 In How Many Cities do we Provide Managed Office Solution
#3 From Accel, Give name of 1 Start up we have Invested into!
#4 Give Name of any 3 Community Partners from DevX Collab!
#5 When was our Mumbai Center Launched
#6 Give Name of the Event we did With Lakme!
#7 Name any 2 Expertise of DevX Phi Designs!
#8 Total Number of Clocks in Location Section of DevX Collab!
#9 Download Case Study from Managed Office Page and Name the Client!
#10 Define what RUP stands for in word RUPyya from Teams section!
The WOW 200+ participants

Thank You so Much for the Amazing Response! Here, we are Showcasing some of our Respondents.

Ankit Gautam



Chinkal Kedia

Akankshi Parikh


Shripal Gandhi

Feni Sheth


Ankita Padharia

Maulik Sitapara

Margi Shah

Dhruvi Bhagat

James Christian

Khushalee Dave

Khushali Shah

Dipa Rajput

Kosha Dave

Faraz Wadhwania

Lalit Nagrani

Manthan Grover

Kathan Patel

Nirav Sheth

Khushbu Soni

Pratik Vaghela

Manthan Patel

Sandeep Singh

Parthiv Panchal

Shalin Thakkar

Priyanka Rathod

Sonika Soni

Suchita Thakkar

Sreeja Nair

Sujash Shah


Urvashi Sharma

Tanmay panchal

Anurag Pandey

Viresh Shah

Zaynab Shaikh

Abhijeet Katte

Darshan Gajjar

Mauli Bhulani

Tejas Pithadiya

Aakash Goyal


Rushiraj Vyas

Jay Koshti

Tapsya Vyas

Akash Agarwal

The curtain falls to our re-branding contest!

Here are the winners to the contest making it to the Hall of Fame earning themselves an amazing DevX hamper.

Jenika Ratani

Keyur Bhalavat

Khushbu Chauhan

Munjal Thaker

Tejas Pithadiya