Client Turned Family
Our journey with the Clients that Turned Family.

Take a look at Candid Talks with a few clients across multiple domains
sharing their experience about working at DevX.

Client Turned Family
 Space Innovation
Weaving Relationships through Exceptional Experiences

At DevX, we always have a people first approach off which our clients are the ones that we immensely value. We are grateful for their lasting trust in us which have now come a long way. Catch us live in actions with a few clients sharing their DevX Stories.

An early team member with multiple marquee startup turning to an entrepreneur and investor.
Big Spoon Food

Mr. Kapil Mathrani shares his journey from being an employee to his first step into the startup ecosystem with Taxi For Sure and seeing the acquisition happening by OLA.

He later on moved to Housejoy which too was acquired. He then moved to Go-jek and finally came back to Ahmedabad starting Big Spoon Food- a multi brand cloud kitchen model that soon climbed the ladder to success.

Catch him live sharing his experience into the startup ecosystem and how was his journey with DevX as a portfolio startup and client, his fitness mantra and love for automobiles.

Big Spoon

Catch Mr. Umesh Uttamchandani from DevX in Candid Conversation with Mr. Kapil Mathrani from
Big Spoon Food about his experience working from DevX.

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Chapter 1 - Plutomen

Catch Mr. Parth Shah from DevX in Candid Conversation with Mr. Keyur Bhalavat from Plutomen about his experience
working from DevX.

A Serial Entrepreneur who's previous startup was acquired by Squareyards sharing his experience of Distributed Workforce model at DevX.