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Three reasons why Coworking can be a fun way to achieve productivity

Three reasons why Coworking can be a fun way to achieve productivity!

The global freelance fraternity is flowering and proliferating at a dramatic scale. According to an India Today article, it is said that ’84 percent of talent managers in Asia-Pacific use gig workers’ which suggests the highest percentage in the region. The ever-increasing statistics hint that most well-paying corporates love people who find soothe in being their boss, publish their own 9 to 5 rota and sit at their preferred spot for work inspiration. But what makes this workforce an army of out of the box thinkers? Why are freelancers achieving productivity, while the in-house employees struggle to get a pinch of creativity? According to the key findings of Staffing Industry Analysts ‘the top reason employees expressing the highest levels of satisfaction with their employer gave for their high satisfaction rating was “good work environment”

The independent white-collar professionals often find inspiration in geographies that are flexible and comfortable; something like an informal office where an individual’s work ethics are on a priority. The latest state of the art facilitated coworking spaces are guaranteeing a quirky environment with zero hindrances. There are numerous reasons why these multidisciplinary work stations are the first choice for professionals from diverse fields. The rent out generation is not willing to pay for conventional office space and are in love with the concept of coworking; here are its three reasons

The human factor – community building and networking

We humans have this fantastic tendency of extracting innovative ideas from conversations and brainstorming. Coworking gives you that opportunity to interact with diverse people with different mindsets, who hail from unexpected backgrounds. At places like DevX, you get a golden chance of striking a conversation with more than 700 likeminded folks, who are constantly sharing a common workspace with you. You would be surprised to find that there has been an instance when a data analyst during a so-called small conversation with a female mountaineer, realized that only five months ago the mountaineer was serving as a data analyst herself! Funny how desk sharing at coworking can help find nuance on a single platform. Some inspire, while some just make you keep wondering! The 1700 sqft huge space in the well-connected area in Ahmedabad will also help you in hiring as well as finding a business – since interdependency of skills is a crucial factor why people intend to choose a coworking workspace.

Appearance matters – aesthetics comfort professionals

Fancy things and aesthetics seem always to make another wow at things! The same goes for interiors, decor, and spaces that give a feeling of warmth and oomph. Coworking workspaces can be an extension of precisely that. They are not only well-equipped and well-furnished but also aesthetically sound. Aesthetics that comfort professionals seeking the services of coworking workspaces. These could be in the form of soothing wall paints and art or comfortable sofas and ergonomic furniture adding to the whole vibe. Appearance does matter; it helps you feel more comfortable and supports your work and growth. Productivity is directly related to your environment, and that’s where the aesthetics of your workplace comes into the picture.

With modern interiors and decor play a massive role in commercial real estate, coworking appearances have emerged as an essential aspect of the workspace environment. So, Let’s use these workspaces to our advantage that supports our growth and work vibe.

Frequent hip happenings make work fun

Even before we humans learned to communicate, we made ourselves comfortable in clans. Social inclusion completes us! And coworking workspaces can help you find your tribe, which generally is not easily possible at conventional office spaces with walled cubicles. Sitting at noisy coffee shops and your work desk in your living room can’t help you in reaching out to people who want to make a group and collectively achieves their goals. Individuals who push others to conquer the same, even if they are on different paths. The social happenings at a coworking space collectively help you in becoming part of the larger system – in an interactive manner. Even if it’s just a potluck arrangement or a Beirut game, without the beers, activities kill loneliness, adds on fun elements and help you look forward to the next day eagerly.

Come to DevX and fall in love with a coworking space that serves as a ladder to reach your achievements. Select your favorite work spot as per your requirement! It can be a plush private cabin or a cozy dedicated desk in an open plan. People looking for frequent changes at pocket-friendly prices can opt for the Flexi desk too. The choice is yours!

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