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Note From Us To You – How To Bind The Team Together!

We at DevX understand the importance of team and community engagement activities. Both go hand-in-hand & so it is essential for businesses to constantly organize engagement activities for employees as well as community members if they are workspace providers. Our team works profoundly on planning activities and sessions, offline and online, to expand our horizons of connecting with our community members. We never leave a chance to build a rapport with our hustlers. Since organizing engagement activities in office may not be an option now, you can always engage your team in online games.

Here’s one of our exciting employee engagement activities idea for your team. In accord with the success of our previous series of events, we came up with a quick quiz – ‘Brand Master Quiz’ for all the advertisement enthusiasts out there. It was a fun activity which put everyone’s knowledge about brands to test. While the event was conducted for the community over a closed Whatsapp group, it was also live-streamed on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with our online audience. These kinds of activities help the community and team members stay connected even while working remotely. Online activities give a sense of belonging while working from home and freshens up the mood between a hectic workday.

Are you looking for a similar activity to engage employees online? Wondering what are the perfect employee engagement activities for a small organization? Here’s a fun activity you can conduct as part of your employee engagement activities list while your workforce operates remotely from home.

The Brand Master Quiz

This quick quiz is divided into three rounds which are as follows:

Round 1 – “Dimag ki Batti Jalao”

This round is about identifying the advertisement video and guessing the name of the brand and the product. The advertisements can be played on an LCD screen and the participants can guess the answers in the comment sections. The fastest correct answer wins a point and the chart of points can be maintained differently for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Round 2 – “Pitch the Punch”

This round is about looking at the brand logo and identifying its tagline. Like the previous round, the series of logos can be displayed on the LCD Screen and the participants can guess the tagline. On WhatsApp, you can make people answer through audio notes to make it more interesting while for other domains like Facebook and Instagram, participants can answer over the comments

Round 3 – “Evergreen Jingles”

We have all grown up hearing famous old jingles and can recite them in the same tune even today. This round is about hearing jingles and guessing the brand name. The audio file of old classic jingles can be played over the live session and the participants are supposed to guess the name of the brand.

Download the ready-to-use round wise creatives here.

Once the funny answers start pouring in, there’s no stop to the laughter riot the participants will get into. Keep addressing the most active participant & ones keeping the event lively with their funny anecdotes. A boring, straight-to-the-point game is never fun. Make sure people stay glued throughout the event and are actively participating through a variety of giveaways for titles such as ‘The Most Active Participant’ or ‘The Funniest Answers’ or so.

You can either keep sharing the points after every round or announce the winners from the platform in the end. Nothing motivates participants better than a bunch of free goodies. It is as exciting as it sounds and people give in for such jittering and exciting prizes. Make sure to mention the Perks and Prizes straight and precise, to keep everyone pumped up!

So, create your event now making work-from-home exciting for them and let them enjoy a quick fun-filled session.

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