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Coworking Spaces Disrupt the Ecosystem of Medium Size Cities

Coworking Spaces Disrupt the Ecosystem of Medium Size Cities

India is trying to become a self-sustaining nation, with increased human resource and western influence of the way of working India’s working culture is regularly shifting towards nontraditional form of working. Generation Z is trying to break the chains of unidirectional growth and is spreading itself in diverse fields which brings more learning, greater power and responsibility of decision making. The most important characteristic of this new culture is ‘learning while working with others’ popularly known as co-learning.

Increasing culture of co-learning has brought in innovation that has nudged youths to come up with Startups and create a blue ocean of their own from among the existing red ocean market. Such a culture needs a conducive environment to grow. Technical talent, investor confidence, and infrastructure in Tier 1 cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and the National Capital Region encourage startups in e-commerce, technology, logistics, payments, and retail. But, Tier 2 and 3 cities such as Jaipur, Ahmadabad, Pune, Chennai, and Vizag are still on a development path to match Tier 1 cities, these cities are becoming specialized hubs for the growth of key industries such as fintech, SaaS, agritech, and deep tech.

These Tier 3 cities although are coming up with promising growth in various industries, Vizag with Fintech Valley, Rajasthan with successful ventures like Razorpay and CarDekho, still need a sustainable and nurturing ecosystem, this particular requirement of Tier 2 cities are being fulfilled by DevX in Ahmedabad, a subsidiary of DevIT which believes that talent exists outside of India’s major metros as well, and they too need good facilities and an ecosystem to enhance their creativity.

Existing businesses and corporations are seeing a business opportunity in the innovations these startups are bringing, every product of these startups has its own market and remains competition free for a fair period of time thus attracting investors. With increasing number of initiatives by government which has increased the investor base primarily in metro cities, Tier 2 cities still lack that platform where investors and innovators can come and work for mutual benefit, DevX with its platform for corporate innovation gives chance to innovators to solve the problems faced by companies and thus giving a betting chance for startups to find right investors and companies to find right solution.

DevX is born out of the idea to bridge the gap which startups observe, between the paucity of resources and goals with best resources and support. It provides an ecosystem where the coworkers will be able to leverage the network of DevIT, the parent company of DevX to get an experienced mentorship and resolve issues regarding investment. An office cum learning culture of DevX enables people to collaborate and create networks which give them access to a whole lot of repository of knowledge.

“ People grow by sharing or we can say that they co-develop, as said by Armstrong Williams, “Networking is an essential part of building wealth” which means more the number of minds, the better business will grow. ”

The amalgamation of all the new styles and culture of co-learning, co-creating, and co-developing although has given rise to a new system but it needs an ecosystem that could nurture and sustain the culture. DevX with the same thought floats a biggest Co-Working Space in Gujarat with 18000 sq. Ft. providing an environment to grow together and yet gives feel of office by providing personal Cabins, Flexi Desks, Cabins that fit your team requirements and furniture and environment that will inspire the co-workers to be more productive, a kind of space that gives the liberty to startups, freelancers, etc. to thrive in its arms.

Co-workers will be able to co-exist and grow in this environment from somewhere around April end, to get a sneak peek of how a co-working space is, check out DevX website here!

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