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Best Diwali Creative Ads

6 Best Diwali Creative Ads and Diwali Campaigns for brands to take inspiration from

Diwali, a festival which is celebrated by each and every person of the country on their own level. However, one thing remains common amongst them all, smiles. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, everyone is filled with joy, some by meeting their loved ones and some by seeing that longing smiles virtually.   

Diwali 2021 saw various brands and agencies creating mesmerizing and inspiring content along with conveying beautiful messages.  

Below are the top 6 Diwali ads which will take you on a journey full of joy and emotions.  


The Diwali campaign of HP is one that can inspire you to do good by an act of kindness shown by an innocent little boy. “Be discreet with your own kindness” is the message they want to convey through this beautiful Diwali advertisement. Diwali is the festival of light, the shower that lights and gleams into everyone’s life.  

Tu jashn ban, kisi ki zindagi ka,

ek ujla diya, kisi ki diwali ka!


The festival of Diwali turns out to be all about celebrations and joy with your close ones. One of the best Diwali creative ads, the Diwali ads of Vodafone, has always conveyed beautiful messages, and this time they’ve conveyed the perfect message of wishing everyone with your own words, not forwards. This smile-inducing ad has shown that Diwali is indeed incomplete without wishing our family with utmost love.  

Diwali Dil se wish ki jaaye toh forward se kai jyada meethi lagti hai

So this diwali your words not forwards


We absolutely love the way the Diwali Campaign of Samsonite has thrown light upon all the people who work on even the most important festival of India so that we can enjoy it with our family. We are fortunate enough to be happily celebrating with our loved ones owing to their selfless services. So, let’s make this festival a little happier for them as well by expressing our gratitude to them.  

Chaliye, Iss baar unko thank you kahe jo apni diwali miss kardete hai,

taaki hum Diwali apno ke saath mana sake!


 The beautiful Diwali ad of Mankind has touched our hearts and filled our eyes with happy tears. Two exquisite messages are conveyed through this Diwali Campaign, the first being, forget all your worries and tensions and enjoy this amazing festival of Diwali. The second is, a small gesture of kindness can make put a big smile on someone’s face and enlighten their festival and life.  

Iss baar khushiyon ki ladi kuch alag si jalate hai,

Jo sabko apni si lage, Diwali kuch iss tarah manate hai,


HP’s Diwali creative ad has left all of us awestruck by their beautiful message on the beautiful occasion of Diwali. Their exceptional creation has inspired us all to spread happiness all around us and put forth our selfless selves.  

Naa naap ke, Naa tol ke, Iss Diwali Khushi dete hai Dil khol ke!


One amongst the most amazing things about the auspicious festival of Diwali is the sparkling and glittering lights and faces that we see all around us. The Vivo Diwali Campaign reminds us all to capture all those joyous and dazzling moments with your friends, family, and loved ones and spread happiness and light.  

Woh tyohar hi kya, jiski khushiya audoo ki shikaar ho,

Iss diwali tum har woh diya jalao, jo tumhara har din roshan karta ho!

Parting Note

Hop on this #DiwalikaSafar and Celebrate a #DilwaliDiwali, Light up an #UmeedKaDiya, that is #spreadingkindness wide and far. While you are at it, wish your loved one with #yourwordsnotforward. Because this Diwali #HarDilRoshan.

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