Words from the founders

Last year may not have been a favourable one for many of us. But we saw everyone coming together as a community helping and supporting each other. Let’s keep up with the same spirit in the coming times as well. Together, let us all walk into the nav varsh with a heart filled with gratitude and hopes.

Wishing you all A Prosperous Diwali


For us at DevX, festivals are all about coming together with our family and celebrating like a family. The pandemic may have stopped us from meeting each one of you in person. But it cannot stop us from sending a little souvenir your way.

For this Diwali, we wanted to thank our stakeholders, partners, community and team members for their boundless support. So, we decided to curate a special memento that encompasses an experience all of our six centres across the country. We also packed in a few messages that you will find below. We curated a list of messages for you that we felt conveyed our emotions so well.

Watch on these videos below for a surge of emotions and love for the community!

Tu jashn ban,
kisi ki zindagi ka
ek ujla diya,
kisi ki diwali ka!
Diwali Dil se wish ki jaaye
toh forward se kai jyada
meethi lagti hai
Chaliye, Iss baar unko thank you kahe jo apni diwali miss kardete hai, taaki hum Diwali apno ke saath mana sake!
Iss baar khushiyon ki ladi kuch alag si jalate hai, Jo sabko apni si lage, Diwali kuch iss tarah manate hai!
Naa naap ke, Naa tol ke, Iss Diwali Khushi dete hai Dil khol ke!
Woh tyohar hi kya, jiski khushiya audoo ki shikaar ho, Iss diwali tum har woh diya jalao, jo tumhara har din roshan karta ho!